Create the Look: Purple Makeover with BOLD COLOR WASHES

For color as INTENSE as it gets, deliver bold, vibrant shades with minimum effort and impressive long-lasting results with BOLD COLOR WASHES! Follow the steps below to give your clients a vivacious purple makeover:


Step 1


Apply IGORA VARIO BLOND Plus + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 6% / 20Vol. (1:2) to lengths & ends in back-to-back slices. Allow sufficient root-stretch to create visual depth.


Step 2


Check the lightening process visually; for maximum lightening performance allow the full development time (of up to 45 minutes).


Step 3


Rinse and wash the hair with FIBREPLEX Shampoo and FIBREPLEX Nº2 Bond Sealer.


Step 4


Towel dry the hair and apply BOLD COLOR WASH PURPLE straight at the backwash. Be sure to fully saturate the hair for maximum color uniformity.


Step 5


Gently massage the hair to ensure seamless distribution. Evaluate pigment deposit visually. For maximum intensity allow the color to process for up to 20 minutes.


Step 6


Rinse out thoroughly, until water runs clear. Style as normal.


Watch the steps in action:



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