Create the Look: Absolute Harmony from IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES

IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES is all about reflecting and enhancing your clients entire unique look and personal style. Whether it’s covering white hair, balancing salt & pepper looks or brightening white hair, IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES is designed specifically for mature hair to deliver perfect color results and excellent hair quality.  


To celebrate the latest age-defying in-salon services Schwarzkopf Professional’s state-of-the-art TrendLab has created a trending color technique with IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES – Absolute Harmony. Follow the steps below:


Before & After 


Before & After
  • This look combines opaque brunettes with more reflective hues to deliver a complimentary color spectrum, with full coverage, in one step

Colors Used: 

  1. Re-growth Application – IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES 7-60 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9% / 30 Vol.
  2. Refreshing Lengths and Ends – IGORA ROYAL 7-65 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% / 10 Vol.

Tip: Lower the strength of IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer to 6% / 20 Vol. when working on over 90% non-pigmented hair.


Step 1 – Section the hair 


Step 1
  • Establish a profile and radial sectioning pattern to ensure perfect balance 

Step 2 – Prepare color for re-growth 


Step 2

Step 3 – Re-growth application 


Step 3
  • Apply the re-growth color to root areas only
  • Work your way around the head, completing the front section last 
  • For maximum color deposit, allow to develop for up to 45 minutes 

Step 4 – Prepare color for lengths & ends


Step 4

Step 5 – Lengths & ends application


Step 5
  • Working in back-to-back slices, apply color to lengths and ends
  • Develop color for 30 minutes 

Step 6 – Rise, wash, blow-dry & style 


Step 6

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