Create the Look: Festive Red from IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights

The IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights series consists of gorgeous fashion shades designed to lift and color in a single step. The assortment delivers beautiful, luminous results with incredible shine and dazzling brightness – perfect for creating individual color strands or single all-over fashion colors!


In addition to the latest in-salon Trend & Bond Fashion Color Service, Schwarzkopf Professional’s state-of-the-art TrendLab has developed a creative coloring technique – Pop Art Contrasts – that utilizes the IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights red tones, which are perfect for the festive season. 


Follow the steps below:


Before & After 


Before & After
  • This look takes a modern fusion of placement weaves and combines them with full color slices to create a trending bold statement look 

Colors Used: 

  1. Base Color – IGORA ROYAL 4-88 (1:1) + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 6% / 20 Vol.
  2. Color Placements – IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights L-89 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 12% / 40 Vol.

Tip: For the greatest tonal intensity allow colors to process for the maximum development time of 45 minutes.


Step 1 – Section the hair 


Step 1
  • Create a circular section at the top of the head, leaving the fringe area and lengths loose, as detailed

Step 2 – Prepare base color 


Step 2


Step 3 – Base color application 


Step 3
  • Working with the loose hair, begin by applying the base color to root areas
  • Work your way around the head, until all roots have been colored, completing the front area last 
  • Then apply color to mid-lengths and ends

Step 4 – Prepare color for placements


Step 4


Step 5 – Color placement application 


Step 5
  • Working on the top section, apply color to lengths and ends in back-to-back slices
  • Alternate between color 1 (base color) and color 2 (color placements) for a statement look
  • Allow to develop for up to 45 minutes to ensure bold and luminous results

Step 6 – Rinse, wash, blow-dry & style 


Step 6
  • Thoroughly rinse out color until water runs clear  
  • Wash hair using FIBREPLEX Shampoo
  • Blow-dry and style hair

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