Hair How-To: OPULENT – Sara

Follow the steps below to create a rich, sophisticated, multi-tonal color result as seen in this season’s OPULENT trend:


Before & After


Before & After

Colors Used: 

  • Color 1IGORA ROYAL Opulescence 3-19 mixed with 3% IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer
  • Color 2IGORA ROYAL Opulescence 8-19 mixed with 9% IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer
  • FIBREPLEX N°1 Bond Booster should be added to all above colors (follow FIBREPLEX mixing instructions)
  • After rinsing colors, FIBREPLEX Shampoo and FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer should be applied according to instructions

Step 1 – Section the Hair 


Step 1
  • Create three circular sections as shown, one on top of the head and one on each side above the ear
  • Leave the back and fringe area loose

Step 2 – Apply Color 1


Step 2
  • Starting at the back of the head, apply color 1 from root to tip throughout the back section
  • Color 1 is also applied to the fringe area from root to tip 

Step 3 – Alternate between Color 1 and Color 2


Step 3
  • Take diagonal slices within the circular sections
  • Start with color 1 at the roots and use color 2 on lengths and ends 
  • Alternate color 1 and 2 (on roots or ends) within each slice for a multi-tonal effect 
  • Slices should be kept thin for a clearer effect

Step 4 – Continue to Alternate Color 1 and Color 2


Step 4
  • Continue to work through each of the three circle sections, creating thin back-to-back slices with foil
  • Work in a diagonal direction 
  • Alternate between color 1 and 2 within each slice until each section is complete
  • Develop colorant according to appropriate timings
  • Rinse, then wash hair with FIBREPLEX Shampoo and finish with FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer (following dosage instructions)

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