Salon Service: Trend & Bond Fashion Colors

The first Trend & Bond Fashion Color Service from IGORA means that salon clients can go from sophisticated office looks, with hidden color placements, to bold fashion statements without compromizing on hair quality! Hairdressers can achieve safe and convenient fashion colors with easy lifting and toning in one step.


Throughout the Trend & Bond Fashion Color Service, bonds are either protected or created to fortify the hair and ensure superior results:


Step 1 – Lift & Color with IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights


Step 1

All IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights shades have now been developed with Fibre Bond Technology inside. Thanks to this technology, the active ingredients penetrate the hair and create a protective layer – this allows most of the bonds to survive the fashion-lifting process – hair is left strong and keeps its elasticity. 


The intense pigment combination of ultra-vibrant dye boosters and a special blend of high performing pigments also adhere more successfully to the hair structure. This delivers greater tone luminosity, vibrancy and long lasting results with maximum radiance!


Hints for Application: 

  • Mix IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights Color Crème with IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 12% / 40 Vol. and apply
  • Leave to develop for 20-45 minutes 
  • IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights can be used for highlights, foil placements and all other off-scalp application techniques
  • Note: for fashion coloring on natural bases lighter than 6 use the IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights Shades
  • Note: for lifting natural bases lighter than 6 use IGORA ROYAL Highlifts

Step 2 – FIBREPLEX In-Salon Care


Step 2
  • Emulsify and completely rinse out color until water runs clear
  • Shampoo with FIBREPLEX Shampoo 
  • Apply FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer and leave for 5-10 minutes – this will enforce the inner hair bonds and seal the outer hair surface for superior hair quality. As a result, the hair structure is further tightened and the color pigments are locked into the hair ensuring longer lasting, vibrant color results
  • Rinse out thoroughly, and style the hair to accentuate the new color twist! 

Step 3 – FIBREPLEX At-Home Care


Step 3
  • To ensure the supreme hair condition at home, recommend the use of FIBREPLEX Shampoo and FIBREPLEX N°3 Bond Maintainer to clients to use as part of their at home bonding care maintenance. Lost bonds will continue to be replenished and the outer hair surface sealed with every use!

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