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Harsh lines and blocky color are out! Seamless, blended color is IN. The hottest looks right now – pastel infusion & melted fashion ombré – are SCREAMING out for a fit-for-purpose tool that effortlessly blends and melts color. Schwarzkopf Professional, with the help of no less than 38 top stylists, has developed that tool. Say hello to our new ColorMelter!


Our patented (*patent pending) ColorMelter tool allows you to seamlessly melt colors – faster and easier than ever before! With the unique melting palette and sponge you can blend two or three colors in a single stroke. Perfect for highlights, lowlights, balayage, ecaille, contouring and face-framing. Our Global Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, loves it. It’s “a great tool! So unique and exciting to work with”, she said. Just fill the palette with the colors, pick them up with the sponge and apply!


Mix it up – get color melting and sharing! Share your ColorMelter creations with us on Instagram @schwarzkopfpro using #ColorMelter & #colormelt so we can regram your incredible work. Mix It. Slide It. Melt It. We can’t wait to see you work it!

Seminar Brochure


As industry experts, we have the tools, experience and experts on hand to make a real difference to your career and 2017 brings with it a great new range of courses to help you on your way to salon success. 


Discovering the right Schwarzkopf Professional course has never been easier. Firstly, pick your area of learning - we’ve created five categories which focus on different skill areas, these areas are: Essential Skills, Essential Looks, Business, Consultation and Creativity. Secondly, choose the skill level most suitable to you: Essential, Advanced, Expert and Top.


For colorists that are just starting out, our Essential Skills courses will give you everything you need to know about color. For Stylists looking to fuel their creativity, we give you the tools to make every one of your clients feel truly unique.


Our Essential Looks Ambassadors provide hands-on technical training to help you recreate the latest cut, color and styling trends.


So, whether you’re a blond enthusiast looking to become the ultimate blond specialist, or a creative expert wanting to take styling to the next level, we have the course for you!


Which learning path will you choose in 2017? Explore ASK Education for the answer…


Get ready to inject energy and creativity into every look! OSiS+ Made to Create range consists of new styling heroes that will become your go-to products for creating unique signature looks. OSiS+ Made to Create is the ultimate creative tool designed with innovative consistencies to help you unleash your personal creativity and to dream even bigger than before – styling hair in a whole new way! Introducing OSiS+ Undercoat ideal for prepping the hair before; Big Blast, Curl Honey, Bouncy Curls and Tame Wild – excellent for blow-drying and styling, and Play Tough, Mighty Matte and Damped for defining texture in a completely out-of-the-box way.


This season is all about big volume, curls, movement and undone texture. OSiS+ Made to Create lets you choose the level of control, giving you the chance to bring out individual personalities with bold new styles. Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Styling Ambassador Richard Ashforth says, “OSiS+ is a truly complete range. It not only perfectly provides the tools to achieve the looks and finishes that stylists and clients desire, but also goes beyond expectation in terms of quality and variety of results.”


Start breaking the mould and take part in our Made to Create challenge. Just tag us on Instagram using #madetocreate and #schwarzkopfpro on your best before and after styles – plus the OSiS+ product used to achieve the look – we’ll regram our favourites.


With OSiS+ at your fingertips you can create like never before! Have fun and go wild – imagine new signature styles and use OSiS+ and turn your clients into walking art.

Flex Collection


Global fashion trends are shifting and changing all the time and the possibilities for re-invention and pushing boundaries are endless. Our NEW Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Essential Looks: Flex Collection is full of all-new stunning colors, haircuts with attitude and an effortless blend of classical and modern styling. The Flex Collection aims to inspire you to push the limits of your creativity with 3 on-trend looks: Koolblonds, Athleisure and Genderless.


Koolblonds: One of the most iconic, glamorous looks is making a huge comeback this season but with a sleek and sophisticated modern twist. We are showcasing the coolest of blondes, creating stunning tones and hues inspired by classic, timeless style and understated elegance. The colors are achieved with Schwarzkopf Professional’s ground breaking new IGORA ROYAL Highlifts – integrated with the Bonding Technology of FIBREPLEX No.1 for maximum lifting power and minimum hair breakage. For styling, go big and voluminous by using OSiS+ Big Blast and OSiS+ SESSION LABEL Flexible Hold Hairspray for ultimate volume.


Athleisure: Gymwear is the new lifewear. This effortless trend has taken centre stage on catwalks around the world. Think luxurious fabrics with bags of color, bold patterns and retro styling as worn by young, urban creatives. The color direction dives into IGORA ROYAL's coolest berry and red tones applied with Schwarzkopf Professional’s new ColorMelter tool, for seamless, berry-kissed, multi-tonal magenta blends. The cut for this look is choppy, or smooth, with an on-trend, full, blunt fringe. The styling is poker straight and polished, achieved with OSiS+ Undercoat, Damped, Tame Wild and OSiS+ SESSION LABEL Flexible Hold Hairspray. Finish off the look with OSiS+ Sparkler for extra shine and add texture with OSiS+ Grip and OSiS+ Whipped Wax.


Genderless: Blur that gender divide with one of this season’s hottest trends. It’s all about self-expression as a fashion non-conformist who celebrates their individuality. Push the limits with short and textured crops with a color direction inspired by two extremes: the palest blonde achieved with IGORA VARIO BLOND Plus or the deepest blue black achieved with IGORA ROYAL and IGORA ColorWorx key shades. Embrace the freedom of being a fashion rebel with must-have styling products: OSiS+ Grip, Flexwax and OSiS+ SESSION LABEL Flexible Hold Hairspray.


Get them now! Essential Looks: Flex Collection was created to inspire and provide you with everything needed to interpret this season’s hottest trends. For those individuals who are rebellious, sophisticated or sporty – it’s your time to Flex!


We all know how important it is to keep learning and improving. Hairdressers live in a dynamic and rapidly changing world, where the fast adoption of new trends determines success. Social media has sped up the evolution of transforming these trends, and knowing how to create these trends is more important than ever. 


ASK Education – Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Education brand, delivers exceptional training and support for hairdressers. We bring the art of hairdressing to life in nearly 90 ASK Academies and studios across the world and support hairdressers in their professional development. We want to keep you and your salon ahead of the game, so we are reaching out through technology to help you deliver stunning, high quality and on-trend results for your clients: We’ve gone digital! 


Welcome to the future! ASK Education presents the eAcademy – an interactive, up-close and personal eLearning experience. Inside the eAcademy you can pick and choose information and tutorials under three distinct categories: Colour, Care and Finish. We provide all the information and advice to power you and your salon! All you need to do is dive in. 


“It’s really state-of-the-art stuff” says Simon Ellis, our international Creative Director, “you can go in, join a classroom, pick your subject, take exams and if you’re a salon owner you can train your staff.” he adds. The future is here and it’s digital. With the eAcademy, you can take your salon and staff right to the cutting edge!


The eAcademy is available in 14 different languages and as a registered user, and member of the eAcademy community, you’ll have access to the latest hair knowledge, product innovations and helpful video tutorials, 24/7. The training is ongoing so you can take self-assessments, keep track of your progress with our traffic-light system and receive Schwarzkopf Professional certificates for every test you pass.


What are you waiting for? It’s an easy and really cool way to get your learn on. World-class training at your fingertips! Sign up now to take your skills to the next level with the eAcademy!

OSiS+ Bloggers


We bet you love fashion icons and trendsetters as much as we do! With that in mind, Schwarzkopf Professional invited some of Europe’s most inspirational fashion and lifestyle bloggers to join us on set in Hamburg, Germany for our new OSiS+ #madetocreate campaign. 


Vicky, Leonie, Thommy, Pola, Marie, Tatjana, Mikko, Elodie and Cindy were styled by our uber cool and creative Schwarzkopf Professional Global Styling Ambassador, Richard Ashforth. Our trendsetter guests got fresh looks that were slicked, tousled and straight up edgy with the NEW OSiS+ products that are launching this March. 


Our nine new friends were given time to explore and play around with OSiS+ products, putting their own unique twist and ideas together to create customized signature styles. They made video tutorials to show how easy these OSiS+ products are to use and how these signature styles can be created at home, after salon visits. Stay tuned! These videos will be available exclusively on Schwarzkopf Professional’s YouTube channel and on our Essential Looks App as of next month. 


Our blogger friends will be featured in the new Essential Looks magazine, and in our campaign for OSiS+ #madetocreate. Make sure to check out their social media channels and blogs, and see their cool and urban hairstyles!


Finally found the perfect shade? Now freeze it, for zero fade*! That’s right, the most annoying problem in hair color just got zapped by BC Color Freeze. Hair can now look fresh and vibrant in-between salon visits and clients will be clamoring at the door to get their piece of sensational color and mirror-like shine. 


The world of hair color cheers! Now, the daily hair regimes of washing, straightening or drying can be enjoyed carefree, without worrying about the color fading. The salon experience can also be upgraded with three custom Color Freeze treatments. After coloration, offer clients the express but in-depth, five-minute treatment; the intensive ten-minute treatment; or the deluxe twenty-minute treatment – for maximum protection and superior shine. Retain their color and gain their retention. 


How does it all work? New studies have discovered that the perfect pH level for hair is 4.5. That’s why Bonacure redeveloped the Color Freeze range, to incorporate the pH 4.5 Balancer Technology and provide top color care and optimal shine. Previously, color care could only seal the hair’s cuticle and could not keep color from leaving. BC Color Freeze not only seals hair cuticles but it also tightens the hair’s inner matrix – freezing color in its place. Brr! This range has shampoos, conditioners, treatments, serums and creams (for all different hair types) to help freeze color pigmentation. For the best color results, it is recommended to use IGORA ROYAL colors and BC Color Freeze. 


Seeing is believing and BC Color Freeze will deliver – making a believer out of anyone who wants to keep their hair color looking polished.


Join the hair revolution for the greatest discovery in color care technology. It’s finally here – the day has come for zero fade! 


*after 12 washes according to 77 of 100 persons tested on a red shade

BC Color Freeze


OSiS+ Session Label proudly introduces two NEW volume Session Stars! Crafted to perfection OSiS+ Session Label Volumizing Root Spray Mousse and OSiS+ Session Label Plumping Lotion are the best tools for pulling off the ideal Session blow-dry look. These Session Stars give hair pure, glamourous volume and texture, without a crispy finish.

Here’s the inside scoop for our new stars:
OSiS+ Session Label Volumizing Root Spray Mousse uses a perfectly balanced composition of ingredients for ultimate volume. The innovative and incredibly fine spray distribution amplifies the volume directly where it is needed – for instant root lift and grip and body throughout mid-lengths and ends. Spray directly onto the roots or work a small amount through the lengths of damp hair. Comb through and blow-dry. Alter the hold levels through layering. Tip: Use your fingers for a more relaxed texture. Flexible volume instantaneously - making this Session Star the backstage pass to hair success.

OSiS+ Session Label Plumping Lotion has gravity defying volume that gives hair a vigorous and silky-smooth finish. Thirsty hair is moisturized with enriching vitamins and caressing oils that give hair glamorous, weightless volume and velvety body through mid-lengths and ends. Use a small amount on damp hair, comb through and blow-dry. Tip: Use a round brush to intensify the volume. Hair is left smooth instead of sticky and has an enhanced manageability and soft texture.  

These stars may be new but they’re no rookies amongst the OSiS+ Session Label VIPs. This range offers 8 unique products including mousse, hair lotion, molding paste, salt spray, dust, cream and hairsprays. They reach for the stars and really elevate styling to a whole new level.


Schwarzkopf Professional is thrilled to announce that visionary artist Damien Carney will assume responsibilities of Schwarzkopf Professional Creative Director North America by overseeing the creative content and image for the brand, starting this fall.


According to Carney, nothing ever stands still - especially in the world of hair - so when he was given the opportunity to align with Schwarzkopf Professional, Carney couldn’t decline. He shares, “I’ve always been about change and moving forward. You stand still and you simply get left behind. I feel it is now time for me to change, to move forward. To grow and surround myself with stronger talent that will inspire me to be better.” Carney continues, “I don’t jump ships easily or quickly; loyalty, passion, creativity and longevity are important core values to me. I like to surround my self with those who are better than I, so I can learn and absorb all the wonderful things to learn in life. With that said, I couldn’t be more thrilled to represent and partner with Schwarzkopf as Creative Director/Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional North America.”


Through his remarkable body of work, Carney has carved a spot for himself in the hair industry as one of the most illustrious artists of his time. In his new role, Carney will lead the guest artist team in technical precision and work closely with education to develop marketing strategies, as well. Schwarzkopf Professional Director of Education Linda Gilbride believes Carney will bring Schwarzkopf Professional to a whole new level.

John Gillespie


In collaboration with internationally renowned hairdresser John Gillespie, Schwarzkopf Professional have built a new, holistic Care Culture with our leading care brand, BC Bonacure. This philosophy is based on the simple shared belief that hair care is the starting point for any look. Our Care Culture is a continuous process; encouraging hairdressers to create awareness among their clients of the importance of a hair care routine.


"Beautiful hair will never go out of fashion. That’s why we should work hard to make hair care count." – John Gillespie


John Gillespie is a name that stands for passion in the hairdressing business, true craftsmanship, strong business orientation and two tremendously successful salons with a strong focus on hair care. For more than 25 years he has been working in the hairdressing business. His work has given him great experience and a deep understanding of different clients’ needs, hair types and nationalities, which he loves to share with other hairdressers. John has travelled all over the world and has visited over 50 countries in his professional career. Besides being a talented hairdresser and salon owner, he is also a motivational speaker, session and platform stylist, product spokesperson and TV presenter.


Schwarzkopf Professional looks forward to working with John in the future as we develop our exciting Care Culture.

Together #apassionforhair

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