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Our business is never one thing; part creativity, part technical prowess, part psychology and part business acumen – it’s little wonder that only our contemporaries can fully understand what it takes to succeed. The Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdressing Awards does exactly that, inviting the best and brightest talents in hairdressing to take a bow in front of the one audience that really counts – other hairdressers.

Global recognition, inspiration, celebration, glamour and glasses of bubbly – what better way to crown success?

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International Winners


Originating in England in 1984, The British Hairdressing Awards remains the biggest hair award event in the world. Due to its success, this influential event has been introduced to 14 additional countries throughout the world.

Competitors can be nominated for different categories, starting with regional heats and then moving on to compete at national level. A nomination or a win in their chosen category is a landmark achievement in a hairdresser's career. The ultimate accolade is, of course, to win the title, 'Hairdresser of the Year', and enjoy the unbounded opportunities that this title affords.

Take a look at the details of winners of "Hairdresser of the Year" and the stunning looks they created, from competitions across the globe.

Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdressing Awards Winners

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