Save Water, Save on Salon Costs

To help save costs and minimize your salons environmental impact, we’ve developed some top tips to lower your water usage.

This list gives some simple actions which can minimize the amount of water you use in your business:

  • Don’t think of water use and disposal charges as fixed costs. Many companies can save up to 50% of their water costs through implementing simple and inexpensive water minimization measures
  • Always measure and monitor the amount of water you use
  • Compare water use each year. Also compare water use against production output for manufacturing companies and against staff numbers for service sectors
  • Make sure staff are fully aware of the importance of water minimization
  • Ensure pipes are well insulated to protect against frost damage
  • Investigate opportunities for re-using process water
  • Keep water-using equipment well maintained and check it periodically for leaks
  • Ensure staff are encouraged to report leaks and that leaks are repaired quickly
  • When purchasing new equipment, take its water efficiency into account. It may be more expensive to buy water efficient equipment, but it may have a short payback period due to the water savings achieved

Salon laundry, backwash, toilets and countless cups of tea all add up to intensive water use within the salon. Keeping a check on wastage will not only benefit your bottom line but help the planet too. Read more in our post A 'Greener' Way of Life - Is it for You?