Your Salon Team Can Help Make Retailing a Success

There are four approaches that you can use to motivate your team to be more focussed on retailing products: talk about retail, provide retail training, offer incentives and set goals.


Talk About Retail

Communication is the key to ensure your team understands the business needs and your expectations of them.

  • Hold weekly or monthly team meetings and always highlight retail 
  • Success stories
  • Celebrate weekly/monthly retail champions
  • Encourage team members to discuss new products and promotions
  • Remember to talk about 'older' products to refocus and gain inspiration

Find interested team member(s) who can take over the responsibility of retailing products so the team have a structured focus on this topic.


There are two options for creating a retail team:

  • One expert per specific product range
  • One specialist for OTC (client care)

By empowering your team you express your trust and appreciation of their involvement! By offering additional responsibility for your high potential employees you also bind them to your salon.


Retail Training

In order to sell products convincingly regular product training may be required to keep the information fresh and focussed within the team.

  • Plan regular training to refresh product knowledge and awareness
  • Plan introductory training for each new employee, provided by your dedicated OTC specialist
  • Talk about products at every team meeting
  • Daily training through active consultation

Offer Incentives

Motivating your team can be a daily struggle however there are many methods to try and keep everyone’s spirits high, for example:


A. Run New Incentives

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

B. Motivate and Surprise

Set Goals

Setting goals gives the team a clear direction and motivation to succeed.

  • Always remember that goals provide direction
  • Goals must be realistic/attainable to avoid demotivation
  • Goals must have deadlines in order for them to be achieved
  • You should be confident in yourself, your abilities, your team
  • Be determined and always try to follow through, regardless of obstacles