Salon Support: Sustainable Salon Practices Post-Lockdown – Part 2

As COVID-19 continues to impact the hairdressing industry in many ways – known and unknown – it’s important to also look at methods that minimize the environmental effects this ‘new normal’ has brought with it and how together, the hairdressing industry can do its part towards a more sustainable future.


Part one offered salon practices that covered ideas such as reusable cloth masks, sustainable gloves and capes, as well as dedicated recycling tips for PPE. Read on to explore further practices that will minimize your salon’s footprint.


Eco-Friendly Visors

1. Eco-Friendly Visors

Choose a salon safety precaution that is sustainable too, options include:

  • Disposable and recyclable: select an option where the frame is made from solid biodegradable cardboard, and the visor window uses an anti-mist treated recyclable polyester material. Remember: the film window should be removed from the cardboard frame and recycled separately
  • Plastic-free: look for plastic free face shields that are made from recyclable and compostable material, such as wood pulp and cellulose. When ordering these items in bulk also consider sharing with local businesses to further minimize environmental impacts as well as operational costs


Eco-Conscious Packaging

2. Eco-Conscious Packaging

Aside from the masks and gloves themselves, a fundamental first step is considering the materials used to package PPE: the usage of 100% post-consumer waste and/or 100% recycled material within glove packaging, for example, is a key sustainable process along its distribution path.


Conscious Choices – Disposable Cleaning Options

3. Conscious Choices – Disposable Cleaning Options

Current guidance recommends using disposable cloths or paper roll when cleaning potentially infected surfaces, and hairdressers may opt for recycled and recyclable options such as compostable cleaning cloths, ideally coming in plastic free and recyclable packaging:

  • Read the labels on cleaning products carefully to choose environmentally friendly products and ensure your salon is a safer and healthier environment
  • Buy in bulk or use refill options to minimize packaging material and delivery/transportation emissions


Disposable Towels

4. Disposable Towels

Single-use towels can be used to replace regular salon towels as they encompass many benefits:

  • Disposable towels reduce the water and energy consumption of washing them after each use and also ensure there is no cross-contamination. Often, single-use towels are also more absorbent than regular towels, reducing blow-drying time
  • Explore further tips on managing water consumption and energy wastage across the salon within the following blog: Save on water, Save on Salon Costs


Drinks Menu – Alternative Options

5. Drinks Menu – Alternative Options

It is unlikely salons will be able to provide their full drinks menu for quite some time, however there are creative options when it comes to sourcing sustainable drink options:

  • Try recyclable canned drinks (remember these can be healthy options too!)
  • Work with local independent businesses as suppliers wherever possible
  • Rather than being offered single-use plastic water bottles, encourage clients to bring their own water bottles

Don’t forget to read part one in this series: Sustainable Salon Practices Post-Lockdown and if you’d like to know more about environmental sustainability on the whole, type ‘sustainability’ into the search bar for even more blog posts on this topic.