Essential Brands: Chroma ID

Essential Brands: Chroma ID

Today's diverse salon clients are moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach and towards brands that are as unique as they are! Responding to the demand for complete customization, self-expression and low-commitment hair color, Schwarzkopf Professional have developed a unique color system, Chroma ID.


Essential Brands: Chroma ID

What is it?

Chroma ID is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first 100% customizable, semi-permanent mix and tone color system with integrated Bonding Technology and caring formulas. For an infinite array of color options, without damage, Chroma ID offers a complete color line that expresses the true identity of each and every individual client – from the most natural cool blond to striking, bold pink!


What can you do with it?
For unlimited shade combinations with maximum customization, Chroma ID’s 100% customizable, semi-permanent mix and tone color system includes the following products, which last up to 15 washes*:

  • 14 Bonding Color Masks; for low commitment color toning, enhancing and refreshing virgin, colored or pre-lightened hair
  • 6 Bonding Color Masks (Home Maintenance); to help salon clients maintain their color vibrancy at home
  • A Home Maintenance Bonding Color Mask for deep conditioning with shine enhancement 

What is the big deal?
With integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology, combined with deeply caring formulas, Chroma ID enables hairdressers to color their clients’ hair while maintaining, and even improving overall hair quality:


Essential Brands: Chroma ID

  • Bonding Technology enforces the structural bonds within the hair strand for stronger hair with less breakage


Essential Brands: Chroma ID

  • Low Salt Technology reduces the pigment penetration barrier, maximizing the availability of color pigments entering the hair


Essential Brands: Chroma ID

  • Keratin and Panthenol provides extra care and outer cuticle sealing for improved hair quality

Chroma ID's wide range of color masks enable hairdressers to offer services that truly meet the needs of every color client including, neutralization, pastel services, color refresh and bold creative coloring. Or at home, salon clients can preserve their flawless hair color in-between appointments thanks to the matching Bonding Color Masks.

Plus, thanks to Chroma ID being based on top performing shades from IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE hairdressers can easily select the corresponding Chroma ID shade for any dual, freehand or full head color service!

Give me the facts!

  • Innovative mix & tone colour system
  • 100% customizable, semi-permanent shades
  • Low-commitment, caring hair color
  • Integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology
  • 14 Bonding Color Masks
  • 6 Bonding Color Masks (Home Maintenance)
  • Color inspiration with nine exciting looks
  • 360° salon support available

Where can I learn about it?
Attend a dedicated Mixology seminar from ASK Education and discover how to balance expression and invention by learning how to combine precise technical knowledge with creative freedom through the art of mixing color! Explore your local seminar offering to discover more...


*depending on the hair base and Chroma ID shade used.


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Chroma ID

Chroma ID

Explore the unlimited shade possibilities from Chroma ID