Essential Brands: Maintain Premium Blond Results with BLONDME Care

The desire for versatile and inclusive blonding services has never been higher – thankfully the BLONDME color portfolio specializes in tackling every blond hair need, complemented by the newly revamped BLONDME care range.


Essential Brands: Maintain Premium Blond Results with BLONDME Care

What is it?

The BLONDME care assortment offers targeted premium haircare for all blond hair types, from fine-to-normal and normal-to-coarse. The new line up delivers stronger neutralization, offers dedicated purifying services to brighten up blond tones and provides additional finishing products to perfect the hair.



Essential Brands: Maintain Premium Blond Results with BLONDME Care

What can you do with it?

With BLONDME, hairdressers and salon clients alike can let go of the fear of damaging delicate hair structures, incompatibility concerns over different skin tones or the perceived high-level of blond maintenance with specialist care for all blondhair:

  • BLONDME All Blonds Light – a lightweight nourishing system for blonds with fine-to-normal hair. It’s enriched with Mulberry Silk Protein Complex – a hydrolyzed silk known for its moisture binding properties
  • BLONDME All Blonds Rich – an intense nourishing regime for normal-to-coarse blond hair. With Cashmere Protein Complex to help prevent breakage and split ends
  • BLONDME All Blonds Detox – a purifying regime for all hair types. Containing Nordic Cotton Protein Complex to soothe, protect and revive dull and brassy blonds
  • BLONDME All Blonds Cool Blonds – a purple toning regime for all hair types. With Velvet Flower Protein Complex, to cleanse, neutralize and soothe the hair
  • BLONDME Blond Wonders – protecting hair perfectors that can be used in combination with other BLONDME care products to finish every blond look, adding shine and softness

What is the big deal?

Every blond deserves great color with maximum care, that’s why the reformulation of the BLONDME care line sees the introduction of 3D Bond Creation Technology; creating a product portfolio that truly strengthens hair from within. The integrated 3D Bond Creation Technology works across 3 integral steps of a BLONDME Blonding service, combining Bond Protection, Bond Creation and Bond Maintenance for ultimate care:

  • Step 1: Color – Bond Protection
    Integrated Bond Enforcing Technology in BLONDME Color products interlinks with the hair fibre to enforce strong structural bonds for minimized hair breakage
  • Step 2: In-Salon Care – Bond Creation
    Integrated 3D Bond Creation Technology in all in-salon care products creates new bonds and stabilizes the hair structure, for long-lasting strength and flexibility
  • Step 3: Home Care – Bond Maintenance
    Integrated 3D Bond Creation Technology in all home care products maintains and strengthens hair in-between salon visits, prolonging in-salon color results, with long-lasting shine

Give me the facts!

  • Newly revamped BLONDME care range to complement BLONDME color
  • A holistic product portfolio with needs-based care levels
  • 3D Bond Creation Technology that truly strengthens hair from within
  • Brand new education, #hairhacks and social media campaigns

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