Five Top Blond Insights for Hairdressers

Thanks to the BLONDME Advanced Bonding System hairdressers can now deliver almost endless blond color possibilities, safer than ever before. 


Nevertheless, the only way to ensure the most stunning, personalized blond color results is through a bespoke color consultation, which is conducted prior to any service.


As part of a color consultation, a hairdresser should first identify the client’s skin tone, eye color, hair depth and natural tone direction – in general blonds can be placed into 3 key directions; Neutral, Cool or Warm – Schwarzkopf Professional has developed a 3-step color consultation tool to ensure a full consultation is easy to conduct, even for less experienced stylists. 


After the color consultation, hairdressers should have all the information needed to select the most suitable blond tone direction, products and services for their client, based on them being either a Neutral, Cool or Warm type. However, to help hairdressers feel as confident as possible, Schwarzkopf Professional provides answers to five common questions when it comes to blond coloration:


1. When to lighten and when to lift?

For lightening, colorists should select the BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lightener products to provide the perfect light blond base for:

  • Natural base 5 and darker
  • Natural base 6 and darker where a clear white, platinum or extra cool direction is desired

For lifting, colorists should use BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lifting products for beautiful blond tone directions on:

  • Natural base 6 and lighter
  • Natural bases 4 to 6 for soft flattering toffee to golden lights

2. How to handle white hair?

Skin tone softens with age, therefore working with the white hair rather than against it ensures the most flattering blond results. Never go too bold or bright with blond, as this can look ageing, whereas natural honey or soft beige slices perfectly break up white hair in a soft looking way, to compliment softer mature skin tones.


3. What’s the perfect blond for fair-skinned clients?

Fair skin types work well with bright bold blond; platinum and ash blond tones can be very flattering.


4. Which blond suits medium-skinned clients?

Medium skinned clients look best with neutral to slightly warm, beige blond tones; anything too light can drain the complexion.


5. What are the best shades of blond for dark-skinned clients?

Dark skin is more suitable to warmer blond tones, avoid going too light; a maximum of 2 levels lighter than the natural base is considered the most flattering.