tbh – true beautiful honest: Red Beige color Collection

With the #iwokeuplikethis and #nomakeup movements showing no signs of slowing down – coupled with the demand for brands to be more transparent – honesty around ingredients and product formulations is now more important than ever before. That’s why tbh – true beautiful honest are open about their ingredients, using a vegan formulation for all products in the portfolio.


Closing the gap within the #betbh warm color world, our assortment offers an additional four shades, from soft chocolate to cherry red...


tbh – true beautiful honest: Red Beige color Collection

What is it?

These four beautiful shades from tbh – true beautiful honest fit perfectly within the existing portfolio, which offers a holistic range of natural-looking, authentic and vegan color, across three distinct color worlds: natural, cool and warm.


8-64 (Chocolate Beige), 5-47 (Beige Copper), 8-84 and 4-84 (Red Beige)


tbh – true beautiful honest: Red Beige color Collection

What can you do with it?

To showcase the shades and inspire colorists, we've co-created a head-turning Dimensional Cherry Red look with award-winning hairdresser and tbh – true beautiful honest brand Ambassador, Arjan Bevers (@arjanbevers).


It perfectly showcases three shades from the Red Beige Collection for a "frozen strawberry" result that is, "really quick, really commercial, and really cool", according to Arjan, who goes on to describe tbh – true beautiful honest:


"Everybody wants heathy hair and with tbh – true beautiful honest it looks really healthy; not artificial or high-gloss, but more ‘powdery and shimmery’. For me, that is kind of special – so I really love it!"


Learn how to create our Dimensional Cherry Red look with tbh – true beautiful honest and Arjan Bevers:



What is the big deal?

This is true color as close to natural as it gets, with beautifully multidimensional tones that give a healthy glow and shine. Plus, it's easy for hairdressers to select the right shade for their clients as the shade references are based on our existing numbering system – perfect for services including: Highlight, Lowlight and Gloss, Pastel Toning and Root Touch-Up.


Give me the facts!

  • Four new shades in the warm color word – from soft chocolate to cherry red
  • 100% vegan formulas – with all products in the portfolio free from animal-derived ingredients
  • 100% multidimensional coverage
  • Up to 92% natural ingredients
  • PPD & PTD free

Where can I learn about it?

Recognising that hairdressers are true artists, especially when it comes to color, our ASK Education team have created a range of color seminars designed to help hairdressers enhance the skills they already have – see what's available in your area. For on-demand education at your fingertips, sign-up for FREE access to our eAcademy – ask-elearning.com – and unlock exclusive training content.