Essential Brands: BLONDME Blond Toning

Blond has more forms than ever before, with trends such as balayage keeping lightening services firmly in focus. However, as more and more dark bases are being lifted, the need for deeper, cooler blond tones is clear – which is why Schwarzkopf Professional have upgraded the BLONDME Blond Toning range with both pastel and deep toning shades, improved technology and an easy to apply gel-crème consistency.


Essential Brands: BLONDME Blond Toning

What is it?

Schwarzkopf Professional understands that the delicate structure of blond hair can be a challenge during lightening processes – minimizing damage continues to be a high priority for all professional colorists and their clients. Which is why this range of toners has been redeveloped to incorporate built-in Bond Enforcing Technology; bringing the range in line with the rest of the BLONDME Color assortments.


As well as being ammonia-free, with a new gel-crème BLONDME Blond Toning range also introduces 7 brand new shades.


What can you do with it?

The new shades create additional service opportunities on darker pre-lightened bases (5-8); perfect for techniques such as lowlights and shadow roots. All the shades in the range are fully intermixable, so colorists can meet the needs of every blond client.

  • Creative Pastel Toners
    For pre-lightened and natural bases 9 or lighter, perfect for cool, neutral and fashion pastel toning
  • Deep Toners
    For clients with darker pre-lightened bases (5-8), perfect for creating lowlights and blurred/shadow roots

What is the big deal?

BLONDME Bond Enforcing Blond Toning goes one step further to limit hair damage throughout the lightening process. The range is designed specifically to work with BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener; when the two products are mixed with BLONDME Premium Developer, the formula becomes pH neutral.


In addition, BLONDME Bond Enforcing Hydrolock Technology ensures the hair’s inner moisture level is maintained throughout the lightening process, leading to improved hair quality and a perfectly toned blond result.


Give me the facts!

  • Built-in Bond Enforcing Technology to protect hair structure
  • Integrated Hydrolock Technology maintains hair’s inner moisture during lightening process
  • Gel-crème consistency for versatility in application
  • Seven new shades for pastel or deep toning

Where can I learn about it?

Push your color skills to the next level and max out your confidence in handling the full spectrum of blond looks that your clients will be asking for in The Power of Blond seminar! Explore your local seminar offering for more...


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