Color Talks: Mixing Tips and Tricks with Jorge Cancer

Empowering, alluring, full-bodied shades.


Create innovation in the hair industry with our IGORA ROYAL Mixes Collection, inspired by PANTONE and featured in our Essential Looks INSCAPE Collection.


In this series of Color Talks we showcase the true color expertise of our Global Ambassadors and Creative Experimentalists to empower you with tips and tricks to be the colorist you want to be as you build the confidence to create endless color blends – perfectly suited to each individual client.


Driven by his Spanish passion and vibrancy, Jorge Cancer from X-presion (@xpresioncreativos) works with a range of bold IGORA ROYAL shades to create his own collection of on-trend IGORA ROYAL Mixes – inspired by, and matched to an official PANTONE color from the E-Phoria trend.



“We love using the Boosters, they allow you to create original colors and give a different direction to the final look.”


– Schwarzkopf Professional Creative Experimentalists, X-presion.


Jorge Cancer’s Key Color Takeaways:


Color Talks: Mixing Tips and Tricks with Jorge Cancer

Tip 1. Use IGORA ROYAL Boosters to boost shade intensity and create different tonal directions


“The booster was a key element for our collection...just by changing the ratio of the copper, the 0-77, you can create all these amazing colors!”


“By adding different boosters...the same color gives you a different perspective in your portfolio.”


Color Talks: Mixing Tips and Tricks with Jorge Cancer

Tip 2. Use colors from the same color world to create a soft contrast with more volume


“Contrast is so important for us because through this technique you can create a volumised appearance...but it’s just the color that generates the volume.”


Color Talks: Mixing Tips and Tricks with Jorge Cancer

Tip 3. Use mixing to bring to life the idea you have in your mind

“The IGORA color chart is huge, but the creativity is endless…when you get into the mood board or an idea that you may have in your mind, it’s really important to know how to mix the color because then you can create it yourself."


For example: “9-1 with 6-88 creates a real red shade – it’s a beautiful shade, it’s like a candy kind of pink shade – but if you use the Pastelfier it’s lighter, diluted, and really really soft...”



IGORA ROYAL Boosters (0-55, 0-77, 0-88, 0-89, 0-99) are the perfect additives to boost fashion shades on all levels of intensity, or to enhance a shade with a new tonal direction.



Color Talks: Mixing Tips and Tricks with Jorge Cancer

IGORA ROYAL Booster Mixing Tips:

  • The Booster will make up to 50% of the color cream in your formula
  • Watch out: adding too much Booster will reduce coverage, so make sure you adjust the amount of color and the way you apply the color accordingly
  • When adding a Booster to your chosen IGORA ROYAL shade, increase the amount of Developer proportionally to maintain the target depth

For creative and customised color results, our IGORA ROYAL portfolio provides a technical range to boost, shift, or neutralise tone directions to expand your creative possibilities.


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