TrendLab: #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD Dusted Blonde

Inspired by BLONDME’s diverse #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD campaign – showcasing that there is a blonde for every individual – we continue to partner with Jack Howard (@jackhowardcolor) to bring you the next look from our exciting #hairhack series.


TrendLab: #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD Dusted Blonde

This episode shares step-by-steps to recreate the BLONDME Dusted Blonde look from New York, where a combination of slices and weaves craft a diffused blond on naturally curly hair.





Colors used:

  • Color 1: BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lightener 9+ with 6% / 20 Vol. Developer (1:2)
  • Color 2: BLONDME Blonde Toning Nougat + Biscuit (1:3) with 2% / 7 Vol. Developer (1:1)
  • Color 3: BLONDME Blonde Toning Biscuit with 2% / 7 Vol. Developer (1:1)


TrendLab: #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD Dusted Blonde
  • Step 1: section the hair into five parts, as detailed
  • Step 2: apply Color 1 in fine sections, combining slices and weaves to add texture and definition, with babylights around the hairline and nape area
  • Step 3: leave for 45 minutes. Rinse, then shampoo with BLONDME ALL BLONDES Rich Shampoo and treat with BLONDME ALL BLONDES Rich Mask for up to 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly
  • Step 4: apply Color 2 onto roots the apply Color 3 onto mid-lengths and ends
  • Step 5: blend the colors in well, then leave for 20 minutes before rinsing
  • Extra Tip: for better neutralization apply BLONDME Blonde Toning to the warmest areas first, leave to develop 5-10 minutes. Then continue on the rest of the hair and leave for another 5-10 minutes. Always allow for visual control

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