TrendLab: IGORA Dual System Application with Lesley Jennison

Thanks to IGORA, Dual Application has never been easier! Using the same numbering system for all of our shades, you can perfectly match IGORA ROYAL permanent shades to IGORA VIBRANCE demi-permanent shades.


Hairdressers can easily use the matching IGORA VIBRANCE shades to refresh
 the lengths and ends of an IGORA ROYAL service, where permanent color is 
only required on re-growth areas. This means more service opportunities for hairdressers and more choice for clients, as well as improved hair condition, shine and color vibrancy.


TrendLab: IGORA Dual System Application with Lesley Jennison

In this episode of our exciting #hairhack series, the TrendLab team have teamed-up with Global Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison) to show you just how easy it is to create beautiful color results using the Dual System Application method with IGORA – watch the video and explore the steps below!





Colors used:

  • Color 1: IGORA ROYAL 7-42 with 6% / 20 Vol. IGORA ROYAL
    Oil Developer (1:1)
  • Color 2: IGORA VIBRANCE 7-42 with 1.9% / 6 Vol. Activator Lotion (1:1)


Step 1
  • Step 1: Apply Color 1 to roots, as shown


Step 2/3
  • Step 2: Work around the head and apply Color 2 to mid-lengths and ends – IGORA VIBRANCE demi-permanent shades perfectly match IGORA ROYAL Permanent shades!
  • Step 3: Process for 10-20 mins, keeping visual reference


Step 4
  • Step 4: Rinse color thoroughly and follow with a color care routine, such as our BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze range
  • Extra Tip: Our IGORA VIBRANCE Activator System means that this product can also be mixed as a gel for faster bottle application at the backbar

Where can I learn more?

The Schwarzkopf Professional eAcademy is ready and waiting to inspire and motive hairdressers around the world! Explore the latest tips and tutorials, as well as audio-visual product knowledge – including both IGORA VIBRANCE and IGORA ROYAL – over on Registration is FREE and available 24/7, so what are you waiting for?!