At Home Bonding Color with Chroma ID

There’s nothing like bespoke; something that’s made specifically for you, that’s designed to make you look your very best. But when it comes to hair color, why choose the same shade as everyone else? Wouldn’t you prefer a totally customized color just for you? With Chroma ID, your color can be as unique as you are – first a beautiful blond, then color chameleon, the choice is yours: Chroma ID is all about that personal touch, whether you're in the salon or at home!


Chroma ID is Schwarzkopf Professional's first semi-permanent mix and tone color system with Integrated Bonding Technology. Developed to create tones from subtle to bold – with 100% color flexibility and no damage. Within the system, there are three products that can be custom mixed to create endless results:

  • 14 Bonding Color Masks for low commitment color toning
  • 6 Bonding Color Masks (Home Maintenance) for use at home in-between salon visits



As customized color doesn’t end at the salon, let's take a closer look at the Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks for at home color refreshing and pastel toning! With guidance from your hairdresser (why not reach out to them on social media for a virtual consultation?) you can maintain – or reinvent – your own customized color in-between salon appointments:

  • BYE BYE BRASS Keep your blond as bespoke as it was when you left the salon with a Chroma ID at home color prescription designed to banish brass, neutralize yellow and keep your color fresh. The 100% flexible mixing system means this isn’t just any blond care – it’s a customized treatment for personalized results
  • POWER PASTELS Bring your blond up to date with soft pastel tones including pink, lilac, peach and more – they’re all possible with Chroma ID, allowing you to refresh your shade at home with a fun, flirty, fashion-forward temporary shade
  • BE BOLD If you like to stand out on social media, opt for color that allows you to enhance your salon shade at home – or remix it and create your own look! Using our intense pigments, you can be as creative as you like, with unique placements, multi-color results and infinite creations in vibrant tones
  • FRESHEN UP Love your salon look and want to keep it salon-fresh? With the individual color blends available within Chroma ID, you can refresh your shade at home and prevent the tone from fading


At Home Bonding Color with Chroma ID


"I love how easy Chroma ID is to use at home, and how it washes out
and transforms as you wear it – it’s magical. I shared it with a blond friend, and she loves having an intense ombré, which then developed into something
more pastel after a few washes."

– Angelina Chiniaeva | Campaign Model


Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks (Home Maintenance) are available in the following shades:

  • Ice – for anti-yellow effects on light blond, silver or white bases
  • Beige – for beige effects on light blond bases
  • Copper – for copper tones and refreshments on medium blond bases
  • Granite – for anti-orange effects on dark blond bases and cool tone directions
  • Ruby – for red tones and refreshments on dark blond bases
  • Clear – as a base for all pastel colors (to be intermixed with any of the Chroma ID intense Bonding Color Masks)

How to apply:

Apply the mixture evenly on pre-washed and towel dried hair. Leave on for 3–15 minutes, keeping visual control. Depending on shade selection, development time and hair structure, color lasts between 5–12 washes.


So what are you waiting for, it's time to express all the shades of you! Don't forget to keep an eye on the @schwarzkopfpro Instagram account for the latest inspiration and tag us to share your at home color creations with #mycolourid.