TrendLab: Grey Coverage with IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES and Lesley Jennison

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Our flagship color brand, IGORA, has dedicated ranges that offer beautiful color results from one-step coloration or blonding services, to 100% white hair coverage and toning (and everything in between!). Here, Global Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison showcases how IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES can deliver superior shine and long-lasting results specifically for mature hair clients…


#AbsolutelyYou: covering white hair doesn’t mean you’re hiding your age! In fact more and more women see it as a way of self-expression, continuing to embrace their true identity and reflect who they are through their hair color. Our refined IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES range provides a comprehensive and versatile portfolio serving every salon client's needs – no matter the tonal request – to deliver the most flattering, age-defying looks.



TrendLab: Grey Coverage with IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES and Lesley Jennison

In this episode, our #hairhacks series continues as the TrendLab presents another quick and easy tutorial with Global Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison. Discover how to achieve a rich and glossy chocolate color, specifically for mature hair clients, using IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES:





Here Lesley uses the Dual Application Method, using permanent IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES color at the re-growth areas and demi-permanent IGORA VIBRANCE color for mid-lengths and ends.


Colors used:

  • Color 1: IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES 6-460 with 6% | 20 VOL. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer (1:1)
  • Color 2: IGORA VIBRANCE 6-46 with 1.9% / 6 Vol. Activator Lotion (1:1)


Step 1
  • Step 1: Section the hair as shown and apply Color 1 to roots only


Step 2
  • Step 2: Work around the head and then apply Color 2 to mid-lengths and ends


Step 3
  • Step 3: Tidy up the hairline with our Stain Remover, to ensure your client’s skin is stain-free. Process for 10-20 mins, keeping visual reference


Step 4

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