Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Lesley Jennison

Craft customized color for your clients with IGORA ROYAL.


Help your salon to stand out whilst adding leverage to your colour portfolio by creating endless shades with the IGORA ROYAL Mixes Collection, inspired by PANTONE and featured in our Essential Looks INSCAPE Collection.


In this series of Color Talks we showcase the true color expertise of our Global Color Ambassadors to empower you with tips and tricks to be the colorist you want to be as you build the confidence to create endless color blends – perfectly suited to each individual client.


Here Lesley Jennison works with a palette of organic, earthbound colors, bringing together bright golds and warm chocolates to create her own on-trend IGORA ROYAL Mixes – inspired by, and matched to an official PANTONE color from the Novel Comfort trend.


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Lesley Jennison




Lesley Jennison’s Key Color Takeaways:


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Lesley Jennison

Tip 1. Practice your color knowledge with filters or paint first


"The best way to know how to mix colors together for your clients is to first understand how colors work together, and sometimes how colors do not work together..."


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Lesley Jennison

Tip 2. Learn to turn everyday inspiration into a bespoke color mix


"When taking inspiration from e.g., a piece of furniture it's not about worrying if you're going to get exactly the right color, but it is about training the eyes; the idea that you can see a lightness and a darkness – and you can see a tone…once you've got that it's really easy to make every single color bespoke for your client."


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Lesley Jennison

Tip 3. Know the color wheel inside out to mix with confidence


"We have in the brand-new portfolio the most beautifully presented color wheel...use this every single day, know it inside out and every single day will be fun!"


The Color Wheel covers the full spectrum of shades and enables you to see how colors are divided into warm and cool at a glance. Cooler colors appear on the left, while the warmer shades are on the right. The specific IGORA ROYAL Color Wheel also provides a clear overview of where each IGORA ROYAL shade falls within the spectrum.


Remember: The Color Wheel plays a key role in helping to mix the correct formula for every client. Shades directly opposite each other or with the same intensity will cancel each other out. Greater or lesser strengths of an opposing color will create a more subtle effect, by toning an opposing shade down slightly, or intensifying a tonal variation.


"The color wheel is the most important hair science to learn! It is invaluable when we are doing color corrections to make sure we mix the correct complimentary tone...the better you know the colors on the wheel, the better you can predict how your mixes will actually work when you apply them on hair."


– Schwarzkopf Professional Global Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison


Explore the Color Wheel in more detail here


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