Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Arjan Bevers

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Let colour be the talking point of your salon and feel motivated to create endless shades with our IGORA ROYAL Mixes Collection, inspired by PANTONE and featured in our Essential Looks INSCAPE Collection.


Highlighting the true color expertise of our Global Color Ambassadors, our series of Color Talks dives into the detail behind the trends to bring you tried and tested tips and tricks. Feel empowered to be the colorist you want to be and be inspired to create your own blends of custom color for every individual client.


Here, Arjan Bevers works with a palette of joyful floral hues, centred around a foundation of cool ash and cendré tones, alongside our IGORA ROYAL Pastelfier, to create his own on-trend IGORA ROYAL Mixes – inspired by, and matched to an official PANTONE color from the Quintessential trend.


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Arjan Bevers


“I was so inspired by Pantone trends. We have been doing greys and roses for a while but here is a new version of it that is so 2021!”


– Schwarzkopf Professional Global Color Ambassador, Arjan Bevers


Arjan Bever’s Key Color Takeaways:


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Arjan Bevers

Tip 1. Make your client feel unique by mixing colors


“It’s like being a chef in a restaurant! By adding a bit of color with a few grams of another color...we get something which is really unique.”


“My tip to you is to celebrate coloring your clients’ hair – talk to your clients about mixing and matching colors. They feel really special when you create something unique for them.”


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Arjan Bevers

Tip 2. Test different ratios and adjust them to achieve your desired shade


“Mixing color is just like making pancakes! The first one is never perfect, so try and try again...just a small ratio tweak, will make a huge impact to the colors.”


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Arjan Bevers

Tip 3. The IGORA ROYAL Pastelfier allows you to create soft pastel hues


“For example, 9-1 mixed with 6-88 is a real red shade, it’s like 30 to 1 – it’s a beautiful shade, it’s like a candy kind of pink shade.


“...Here is the same mix but with the Pastelfier. It’s lighter, diluted, and really really soft.”


Color Talks: Mixing Tips with Arjan Bevers

Tip 4. Test ratios several times until you are happy with the result. Allow shades to mix to create a softer color on the roots


"Here we started with a cendré colour, 8-11. It’s like a grey color. I added 6-99, which is a violet tone (10:1). Then we added more grams. This is 10:2, this is 10:3 and this is 1:1; the color gets more saturated."


Arjan also notes that copper shades, i.e., 7-77 "could look heavy on the root area" – By mixing 7-77 with 7-0, you can create a "softer, more diluted tone...on a client, it would be really nice to blend the two colors into each other."


Remember: The IGORA ROYAL Pastelfier reduces pigment concentration and tone intensity, whilst enhancing the powdery character of the shade by adding a soft cool tone direction. It provides an extra lift, allowing colorists to add more muted and pastel tones to their color portfolio.


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