Q&A with Essential Looks Ambassadors – Part 1

Q&A with Essential Looks Ambassadors – Part 1

Schwarzkopf Professional's bi-annual Essential Looks Collections are about so much more than creating beautiful hair; image makers weave new worlds, telling the tales that teach us all to express ourselves! Take five minutes to meet some of the movers and shakers that make the magic happen in our Q&A round-up...


Global Styling Ambassador, Tyler Johnston (@tylerjohnstonhair):


Global Styling Ambassador, Tyler Johnston

When you used to work in a salon, what made your heart sink when you were asked for it?

"I last worked in a salon 19 years ago, but back then it was clients coming in and asking for a haircut like David Beckham!"


What’s the most exciting city for hair, right now?

"Right now it has to be London. I think the youth culture in the UK is totally experimental and not afraid to do their thing, whatever that is. I go to China quite a bit and the kids there are looking amazing – really cool – so that’s definitely a close second."


Where are you now and where would you rather be?

"At this minute I’m sitting in LAX (Los Angeles Airport) Terminal 4 waiting for my delayed flight back to London. And I would much rather be sat at home with my wife and kids having a cup of tea!"


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Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Do you ever get nervous when you work?

"I think there’s a fine line between being excited and being nervous. I’m not nervous about my work but even after all this time I feel nervous just before I present on stage (whether it’s to 50 or 5,000). It’s because I’m so passionate about wanting the audience to fall in love with my colors and techniques!"


What’s the colour technique you’re feeling most excited about right now?

"That’s hard to answer. I could say I love the super easy techniques with Chroma ID… But I also love powdery beige, muted, melted colors… and then there’s the shimmering finish I’m going to get with light and burnished gold… too hard!"


You travel constantly – what do you enjoy most about your work, and where do you get your drive?

"I would say without a doubt it’s meeting hairdressers all over the world who share my absolute passion for our industry and craft. I’ve no idea where I get my drive – but I never stop until I’m 100% happy with anything. That said, I love my rare, lazy days with my wonderful family."


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Colour Experimentalist, Edoardo Paludo

What’s the last color experiment that made you just sit back and say ‘ok, that’s a winner’?

"For me something isn’t a winner – bang! – right away. It becomes a winner when you keep changing it. Right now, I’m inspired by abstract paintings and creating the spirit of that onto hair..."


What major lessons did you learn while working in South America?

"When you go somewhere new you always learn a lot. In South America everything feels different. It’s very fluid and instinctive. But the main lesson I learned was to trust people, which was so valuable."

Who do you follow on Instagram for inspiration?

"Honestly, I don’t use Social Media for inspiration. I think it’s great for education and people love it, but I find my inspiration all around – even in the most unexpected places – I’m always looking!"


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