Hair How-To: Texture Tension Catwalk Edutorial – Petra

Partnering with the Essential Looks team and IGORA ROYAL, creative team X-presion (@xpresioncreativos) has co-created two aspirational looks for this season's Texture Tension trend.

Originally inspired by the way makeup artists use color to create patterns and texture on the skin (think contouring), X-presion wanted to do something similar, but on hair. For Texture Tension it's all about subtle movement and visual illusions that create dazzling shades of light in the hair.

Texture Tension Cut & #raincolor

Thanks to IGORA ROYAL's true color in high definition, shimmering golds are brought to life in Petra's (@petrahegedus) hair using a special template and technique that feels like rain drops gently hitting the hair – make it rain with #raincolor!


“With IGORA the only limitation is in your imagination.”

– X-presion, Creative Team

Before & After


Before & After
  • Color 1 (Fringe) – IGORA ROYAL 5-1 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3%/10 Vol.
  • Color 2 (Roots) – IGORA ROYAL 5-1 + IGORA ROYAL 6-4 (1:2) + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3%/10 Vol.
  • Color 3 (Ends) – IGORA ROYAL 5-1 + IGORA ROYAL 6-4 (1:2) + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3%/10 Vol.
  • Color 4 IGORA Vario Blond Super Plus + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9%/30 Vol.

Discover how to quickly re-create this must-have trend with unique and individual results thanks to a laser-cut foil and IGORA ROYAL!


Here, Color Visionary and Co-founder of X-presion, Jorge Cáncer walks us through the catwalk variation using the #raincolortexture technique showing colorists how to achieve their own beautiful #raincolor effect in an instant.


Hair How-To: Texture Tension Catwalk Edutorial – Petra

It's recommended to provide a glossing service after this coloration using IGORA VIBRANCE 0-00 + IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Gel 1.9%/6Vol. Then provide salon clients with a take home color care regime using BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze products to lock in color with long-lasting protection.

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