Trend Alert: Texture Tension

As part of the Essential Looks Tomorrow’s Color Today Collection, Schwarzkopf Professional invited members from the X-presion team (@xpresioncreativos) to work with them to create the Texture Tension trend. In addition to this, a brand new #raincolor hair coloring technique has been developed using flagship color brand, IGORA ROYAL.



Sometimes less is more when it’s all about making an understatement to be heard under the noise. The Texture Tension trend from Essential Looks is a story of structured simplicity, integrity and timelessness; crisp white shirting cuts away into transparent panels and ashy hair looks supernatural, yet magically dappled in textured light.


Texture Tension: Catwalk Look – Petra (@petrahegedus)


Texture Tension: Catwalk Look – Petra

For this long, fuller-fringed look the #raincolortexture technique was used to layer IGORA ROYAL color; for a bolder effect more 'raindrops' can be applied.

"We love to play and to play you need the right tools, and for us #raincolor is the perfect combination! When working with IGORA ROYAL, the only limitation is your imagination…”


– X-presion, Creative Team

Texture Tension: Salon Look – Bo (@bodonofficial)

For a slightly more accessible take on the trend, hair has been cut shorter into a fringed bob and IGORA ROYAL color applied using a variation of the technique, #raincolorvolume; for a stronger, 3D effect, alternate lighter and darker tones.


Trend Alert: Texture Tension

"...Of course, you can play it safe in life but then you’ll never know how good taking a risk and doing something original and different feels. Today we chose rain and we’re loving our cool new style – it’s like Bo’s rainbow was a premonition."

– X-presion, Creative Team

These techniques have been bought to the global hairdressing community in one innovative and easy-to-use color stencil tool. This stencil is actually a laser-cut foil that enables colorists to achieve their very own beautiful #raincolor results in an instant – with one technique for volume and another for texture.

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