The Future is Now with ASK eLearning

ASK is Schwarzkopf Professional‘s Global Education brand delivering exceptional client training and support, whilst bringing the art of hairdressing to life!


Hairdressing is a dynamic and fast-paced industry, but ability and skillset are what define our earning potential… Hairdressers live in a creative, competitive and rapidly changing world, where the fast adoption of new trends and style movements determine success.


Fashion and hairdressing have been entwined for generations, but Social Media has heightened the speed at which both are evolving… The question is, are you ready to adapt and deliver the latest colors, cuts and styles to your clients?


“The term ‘Fast Fashion’ has been replaced with ‘Instantaneous Instagram’. Within seconds of a celebrity revealing a new look, the entire world knows about it and wants to recreate it… Whilst most industries would be fazed by this high-speed change in direction, our industry’s belief in continuous education, at all levels of our business, means we’re ready and waiting!”


– Simon Ellis | International Creative Director


Education is the key to success and Schwarzkopf Professional supports hairdressers in their continuous growth; with nearly 80 ASK Academies and Studios around the world, we provide the most convenient, inspiring and motivational education in town. This is why we are eager to announce the launch of our interactive, up-close and personal eLearning experience!


ASK eLearning


You can expect:

  • Simple and inspiring education at your fingertips, 24/7
  • Unique audio-visual training that improves attention span and overcomes language barriers, with 14 different language versions available
  • Highly relevant content, such as product information, hair knowledge, creative tutorial videos and personal assessments
  • Personalised support to suit individual needs
  • Global hairdressing education – simple and full of inspiration!

ASK Education eLearning is a sustainable platform for excellence providing the latest Schwarzkopf Professional innovations and 360° salon support for our clients – all designed to fit the complex nature of your hairdressing business.


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