Learn Online with the ASK Education eAcademy

Now more than ever the digital shift is in focus; providing growing opportunities for distance learning, for community and for connection. Learning never stops, there are always more skills to perfect or new techniques and trends to be inspired by – which is why it is no surprise that online education has gone viral.


This includes the ASK Education eAcademy; Schwarzkopf Professional's sustainable platform for excellence that's open to everyone, completely free of charge – whenever, wherever.


Learn Online with the ASK Education eAcademy



In this rapidly changing world, it’s how we continue to adapt and create our own opportunities that will define future success. To support, to sustain and to inspire, Schwarzkopf Professional stand together with the global hairdressing community – committed to helping hairdressers continue doing what they love – creating beautiful hair.


We unlock the potential to grow


We embrace the trends as they emerge


We innovate how to learn


We are the creative collective



Hairdressing is all about craftsmanship, it’s skill-based – now’s the time to hone these skills and to continue to expand our knowledge. Dedicated to your continued success, we've been busy filling the ASK Education eAcademy with the most inspiring education in town!


“Education is the foundation of our business, it's the foundation of our industry and the only way to become better and more creative is to be able to learn…
If you can't do it physically in one of our Academies, or at one of our
Seminars, then why don't you do it online? Visit us at our eAcademy... our virtual learning platform; offering you the best trends in the business, 24/7 – so you decide when you want to learn!”

– Simon Ellis | International Creative Director, Schwarzkopf Professional


Register for eLearning NOW to access must-have dynamic education at your fingertips:

  • Free of charge and available 24/7 – so you decide when you want to learn
  • Highly relevant content, including product innovations, hair knowledge, creative tutorial videos and personal assessments
  • Unique audio-visual training with 16 different language versions available
  • Inspirational #hairhacks series showcasing episodic tips, tricks and the latest industry insights delivered by some of the world’s coolest #hairartists

What are you waiting for? It's time to unlock your potential with dynamic education that’s always relevant: ask-elearning.com



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