Salon Services: Refreshed Original with Chroma ID

Nothing feels better than a color refresh...


Even the best cared-for color can fade between in-between salon appointments – weather, hair washing and heat styling can all lead to fade and flat, muted tones. But what if you could keep that color vibrant, glossy and healthy at all times? With Chroma ID, color can be refreshed in-salon and then effortlessly maintained at home!


Award-winning hairdresser and successful salon owner, Arjan Bevers (@arjanbevers) used Chroma ID to create a refreshed look with rich and warm chocolate hues; beautifully showcasing how our mix and tone system can be applied as part of and in-salon glossing service.


Salon Services: Refreshed Original with Chroma ID

...And after the service? Simply recommend one of our Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks to refresh and refine at home! Alternatively, hairdressers can mix an exclusively customized Chroma ID shade in the salon, using 30 colour recipes, ready for clients to take home for beautifully, long-lasting color results.


Watch or follow the steps below to learn how to create this Refreshed Original look with Chroma ID:


Before & After


Before & After




Color used:

  • Chroma ID 18-46 + 6-46 (1:2)


Step 1
  • Step 1 – first, apply color to the roots


Step 2
  • Step 2 – then apply the same color to mid-lengths and ends


Step 3
  • Step 3 – make sure to distribute the color evenly, using your hands


Step 4
  • Step 4 – leave to develop for up to 10 minutes. Rinse out until water runs clear and blow dry and style as needed

"The best thing about this colour? It makes hair super healthy!"


– Arjan Bevers (@arjanbevers)


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