Salon Services: Arctic Pioneer with Chroma ID

Get the chill factor with Chroma ID!


When it comes to blond, platinum is the trend that keeps on giving. However, even the most beautiful blond can become discolored over time, with brassy tones and a yellow tint. Thankfully you can blast away that unwelcome warmth with Chroma ID!


Salon Services: Arctic Pioneer with Chroma ID


Follow the steps below to add a healthy dose of color for ultimate ice queen finish!


Before & After


Before & After


Colors used: Chroma ID 9.5-1 + Clear (2:1)


Step 1
  • Step 1 – Starting at the back, apply color to the roots. Continue to work the color into mid-lengths and ends


Step 2
  • Step 2 – Move on to apply color to the roots of upper sections


Step 3
  • Step 3 – Continue application through all mid-lengths and ends


Step 4
  • Step 4 – Make sure product is evenly distributed – use your hands to work it into the hair


Step 5
  • Step 5 – Leave to develop for up to 10 minutes. Rinse out until water runs clear, then blow dry and style as desired!

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