Creative Collective

Global Ambassadors

Staying ahead of the curve and meeting the needs of an increasingly sophisticated client base demands total dedication to creativity. Our Global Ambassadors combine the flair, vision and artistry you’d expect from the very best stylists and colorists on the planet.

Lesley Jennison

Joana Neves

Richard Ashforth

Tyler Johnston

Jack Howard


Hairdresser Influencers

The world of hair has been taken over by hairdresser influencers on social media and this year Linh Phan, Emre Ayaksiz and Jenny Strebe are all on hand to show us how it's done! Their hair expertise can be seen in all the latest tutorial videos.

Linh Phan

Jenny Strebe

Emre Ayaksiz


National Ambassadors

Rossa Jurenas

North American Color Director
Rossa is no stranger to the hair industry. Rossa has become a multi award winning hairstylist, makeup artist and industry educator. She has been featured internationally for her innovative approach to styling and design. Rossa best exemplifies the Schwarzkopf Professional mantra “Together. A passion for hair.”

Mark Chamberlain

Essential Looks Artist
Mark has over 16 years’ experience as a hairstylist including 8 years as a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks Artistic Team. Mark’s technical proficiency, creativity and enthusiasm have helped share his passion for hair with other artists. Mark draws from personal experience which gives him the opportunity to develop and propel fellow stylists to a higher skill level.

Joey Marchese

Essential Looks Artist
Joey brings 10 years of experience to the Essential Looks team. He brings an influence that is contemporary, youthful and fashion-driven. Joey has been inspired by the fashion industry his whole life, drawing much of his inspiration from the contemporary edginess of downtown street culture, balancing this with his interpretation of structured hair cutting to create a signature style.

Marek Whitechurch

Essential Looks Artist
At the age of 23, Marek had already established a reputation of excellence at Vidal Sassoon in London, in the role of Creative Director. He has travelled extensively, visiting every continent and incorporating this world knowledge into his craft. Now Owner of Monokrome salon, Marek wants to share his global knowledge of hair design and fashion with the Canadian crowd.

Robin Bacon

Essential Looks Artist
Robin is a Contessa winner, has been featured in Canadian Hairdresser and is a Bangstyle Supreme. With an eclectic mix of inspiration, Robin pulls from the fine arts and folklore, to high fashion and pulp classics. Robin strives for the betterment of herself and others passionate about their craft.

Katia Jananji

Essential Looks Artist
Katia has held leadership roles as Principal Instructor at Académie St-Laurent and Creative Director at Saco, enabling her to educate many of North America’s finest young hairstylists. Katia enjoys sharing her passion and expertise in both cut and color to help achieve new levels of success. A successful salon owner, Katia wants to share her knowledge with the Canadian crowd.

Michelle Finlayson

Essential Looks Artist
As a multiple award-winning stylist and regular guest on City TV’s morning show Cityline, Michelle has a true passion for the art of hair. She has been a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional education team for 10 years and is a member of the Canadian Essential Looks team. Michelle’s experience backstage at NYFW, work behind the chair, and time as an educator allows her to connect with hairstylists of all levels.

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