[3D]MEN Care



Decisive and focused [3D] Tricho-System addresses the key everyday hair care challenges of men.




[1] Strengthens the hair
[2] Instantly refreshes the scalp with a perceivable effect
[3] Activates the roots

[3D]MEN Technology

Normal HairThinning Hair
    • [3D]MEN Hair & Body Shampoo

      Hair and Body Shampoo


      Deep refreshing dual purpose hair and body wash. A rich pH balanced foam that invigorates and gently cleanses the hair and skin at the same time.


      [1] PANTHENOL works on the hair, leaving it feeling strong and healthy.
      [2] MENTHOL works on the scalp, delivering cooling effects on the skin and scalp.
      [3] CAFFEINE stimulates the roots.

    • [3D]MEN Root Activator Shampoo

      Root Activator Shampoo


      Step 1: Root activation. Helps hair regain density by reducing hair loss.


      [1] PANTHENOL provides moisture for the hair.
      [2] TAURINE strengthens the scalp.
      [3] CARNITINE stimulates and activates hair roots. The shampoo helps to regain density by reducing hair loss when used as part of a 24 week regime.

[3D]MEN Philosophy


100% engineered for men with [3D] care effects

[3D]MEN Styling


The first styling brand matching the 3 key performance dimensions of male styling