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The INSCAPE Collection

Essential Looks 2:2021


Welcome to the world of ESSENTIAL LOOKS® – 50th edition. For Autumn/Winter 2021 we've taken our inspiration from the global societal lifestyle trends that shape the runway, and the way we live – plus we've worked with some of the planet’s top hair artists to create fresh new looks and techniques for you to share in your salons, all over the world. Brought to life in this season's trends Novel Comfort, Quintessential and E-phoria.

This season’s collection features our most exciting creative collaboration yet, with the iconic Pantone Color Institute.


“Like artists and designers throughout time we look to color to express ideas, emotions and our identities; who we are and the perceptions we want to create for others.”


Laurie Pressman, Vice President, Pantone Color Institute

Novel Comfort

Trend 1: Novel Comfort



We express ourselves in a way that’s cocooning yet energizing, this trend is all about quality, home comfort and self-acceptance in your ‘cosy cave’. Our palette of organic earthy colors is showcased in effortless cuts and multi-textural finishes.


The Novel Comfort Runway Look is all about flow and texture. It’s effortless, really soft and feminine, with a bit of volume and lift. The Salon Look works with the natural volume and rounded curls, cutting and moulding the hair into tactile shapes. These Novel Comfort Looks have been created by the talented Schwarzkopf Professional® Global Ambassadors Lesley Jennison and Tyler Johnston.


"I wanted my colors to melt & meld into each other resulting in calming & lived in muted colors giving a sense of calmness, fragility and safety, a sense of being connected to the planet."


Lesley Jennison,
Global Color Ambassador


Trend 2: Quintessential



A fresh take on ‘60s femininity, Quintessential infuses soft nostalgia with a new modernity in ash greys, pastel palettes, precision techniques, a contemporary take on classic cutting, rounded styling and a perfect finish.


The Quintessential Runway Look cut uses simple techniques – it’s a classic, nostalgic style, modernized by pushing it to extremes – with a really short fringe. The color uses a muted take on modernity with soft sweeps of burgundy worked into several shades of ashy grey. Then with the Quintessential Salon Look, there’s a sense of David Lynch nostalgia here, a heritage technique but with a modern blow out – tonged and twisted.

These Quintessential Looks are created by the talented duo Schwarzkopf Professional Global Color Ambassador Arjan Bevers and Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador Tyler Johnston.


"I was so inspired by PANTONE color trends. We have been doing greys and roses for a while but here is a new version of it that is so 2021."


Arjan Bevers,
Global Color Ambassador


Trend 3: E-phoria



It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and we’re all about introducing humanity into the world of technology to build a better future, in a bold palette of elemental reds and glowing metallics, we’re cutting for the individual and styling for self-expressionists.

The E-phoria Runway Look uses the Candle Color technique and evokes a ‘70s free spirit with rounded heavy sides and a shaped fringe cut into disconnected lengths. Whilst the E-phoria Salon Look is created by an Afro hair style with the color and cut designed to bring together modernity and architectural shaping. These looks are created by Global Ambassadors X-presion.

"As Spanish, we love vibrant colors. Red is the color of passion, seduction, it captures attention. Creating these new shades was a lot of fun."


Global Ambassadors/Creative Experimentalists