Tips for Creating Camera Ready Hair

Getting quick, consistent picture-perfect results takes both skill and practice…


A good session stylist should be able to motivate his or her team and the models they work with, have a good relationship with the photographer (including an appreciation of how lighting and backgrounds work) as well as be able to interpret and enhance an art directors instructions – All whilst having an overall awareness of the final product.


In general, the hints and tips outlined below should be followed in this order when multiple styles are required on the same model at a shoot. Start with the natural style, followed by motion and curls, then finish with the most radical or experimental styles; this way the hair will not become weighed down or adversely affected.


1. Natural-Looking Nearly Straight Hair

  • Start by applying a small amount of product
  • Blow-dry the hair straight
  • Use straightening irons to create a super-sleek look
  • To finish, spray the hair with hairspray to give extra hold and protection

2. Motion and Curls

  • Start with dry hair
  • Form the hair to the desired shape using heated rollers
  • To add more precise curls, section areas of the hair and use a heated iron
  • Use a small amount of product, which could be applied before curling
  • Finish by using an anti-frizz serum for added high shine

3. Progressive and Experimental Styles
Leave experimental hairstyling for last, as this type of styling requires the most products:

  • Apply a combination of styling products depending on the looks you are creating
  • Finish with hairspray for ultimate hold and definition